Sunday, January 30, 2011


Dear friends,
I'm taking a week-long hiatus
from the noise and chatter of the
blog & facebook world.  While I love
and cherish this outlet and all the 
creativity and community that I find 
here, I feel that a little time away will
be a good thing.  See you in a few days! 
Love, Amanda

came to my rescue

 In my life, be lifted high
In our world, be lifted high
In our love, be lifted high...

Friday, January 28, 2011

yes please.

 Love this.

Super crazy busy night of art and fun 
tonight at the gallery.  I'm looking forward 
to the madness, but also can't wait to go 
home and snuggle the handsome man 
on the couch and welcome the weekend!


 Every once in a while, my heart misses
the farm.  Being outside, working hard with
family, all the animals...oh the animals.  I'm a 
total sucker for barn cats and cows. 
Especially of the baby variety.

Then I see posts like this one from the 
Pioneer Woman, and I completely melt over 
the sweet faces.  I remember how rough their big,
weird tongues are.  I think about nuzzling baby calves.  
And then I start the dangerous dreaming about one
day having land and critters and kids...  

And then (here comes the reality check), I 
remember how much I like living near the grocery 
store.  And having a house that has never had 
manure tracked through the rugs.  And buying shoes.  
And selling art while wearing my fun shoes. 

Alas, I think my bovine friends are best visited.
And, at least for now, I will be enjoying their 
sweet furry faces via the internet.  :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


After all this bitter cold that we've had 
lately, this poem really grabbed my heart.
It's called "Cold Calvary" by John Piper, and 
I found it on his blog.  Food for thought.

Did you know that on the night he was betrayed
Jerusalem was cold?
Did you know that it was cold?

When he broke his sweat and beads of sorrow rolled
Hot-steaming down his face,
Did you know that it was cold?

When the heart of Judas burned with greed, and sold
The priceless Son of Man,
Did you know that it was cold?

When his lips all pale and hot with terror, told
The soldiers who Christ was,
Did you know that it was cold?

When the voice beside the fire accused, “Behold!
You too were one of them!”
Did you know that it was cold?

When the priest boiled over, and his god extolled,
“This man has spoken blasphemy!”
Did you know that it was cold?

When the heart of Pilate failed, and he paroled
Barabbas, at the dawn,
Did you know that it was cold?

When our Maker hung with burning shame, and bold
Men cried, “Now save yourself,”
Did you know that it was cold?

And when Joseph took his bloody flesh to fold
It in the linen cloth,
Did you know that it was cold?

Surely, surely, if you know, though all the gold
That is, be offered you,
Never will your love grow cold?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 There's just something about sparkle.  
Guaranteed to make a girl feel glam and know, like a girl!

etsy cuteness

 After yesterday's grumpiness, I think
today would be a good day for 
some extra cuteness.  And I think
these little darlings fit the bill perfectly.

I am smitten with their wonderful little
expressive faces, and think that the richness
of the glazes would be really pretty in 
person...or in my house.  You know, with 
all my other miscellaneous clay objects.  

And if neither of these guys up above can win 
over your heart, I dare you to try to resist this 
dude.  It's a hippo, people!  Practically impossible
not to fall in love with his funny little blue self.

Hope your Wednesday has something
happy or cute to make you smile!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's official - I am tired of winter, and
I'm feeling grumpy about having to drive 
in the mess.  I can do it - but being 
capable doesn't mean I have to like it. 

(Disclaimer - today was the third trip 
this week I had to make for work in totally 
crummy weather, so my level of
grumpiness is very high at the moment.
Don't worry - it will pass soon.)

I hope it's not snowing where you are.

Monday, January 24, 2011

happy list

 1.  Awesome date night with the handsome man
this past weekend.  Amazing food at a fun new
place, lots of sweet time together, and a reason 
to dress up and look fancy! 

2.  Super excited for the ever lovely Ab
who is the guest post today over at the very sweet 
Love & Photographs(And perhaps even cooler...
I got to have coffee with her this morning!)

3. An unexpected fun trip to Boston to see the 
Celtics beat the Jazz on Friday night...and in 
some pretty darn incredible seats!  (Thanks, 
Papa Ed, for sharing so generously with us!) 

4. Our incredible invitations are going into the mail 
today!  A million thanks to my fabulously
talented sister, who magically captured so much 
of our inspiration and designed the perfect invite!

Hope you find something happy on
this very cold Monday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

good advice

What a good reminder.  I don't know about 
you, but I find it easy to get nit-picky 
about so many little things that really 
don't matter matter. At the end of the 
day, I'm always happier when I practice 
letting the little things go.

And yet, it's easier said than done.  
For me, remembering how gracious God 
is with me sure goes a long way to 
helping keep my focus where it should be.
What helps you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This picture makes my heart so happy.
It feels so familiar and comfortable,
and somehow like the world is just 
a little better knowing that other 
person is there with you...

Friday, January 14, 2011

homeward bound

We're heading home today
for a weekend with these lovelies.
I'm looking forward to some
family time and the rare chance to
see some of our favorite Maine
peoples!  Now to just get through
this nutty work day...

Happy weekend, my friends.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday we got 18" of the 
fluffy white stuff.  That's
precisely a foot and a half,
which is a little crazy.

But I got a lovely snow day with 
the handsome man out of it all, 
and the world is pretty darn
beautiful this morning with the sun 
shining & reflecting brightly, so I 
suppose there's no reason to complain! 


Today marks 100 days to go
before the big day!!

(insert squeals of excitement here)

Friday, January 7, 2011


This is about how I've felt for
most of the week.  The handsome
man & I have both been out of action
for a few days, thanks to the icky plague 
that seems to have gotten pretty much 
everyone in our circle.  Thankfully we're 
starting to feel much better, although a 
nap on the floor like this little dude is 
sounding pretty appealing now...

Monday, January 3, 2011

dear blank

Have you ever seen this great website?
It is full of hysterical little notes like these:

Dear Boss,
Please stop asking me to bring you coffee,
I have a masters degree.

Dear Guys Wearing Speedos,
Contrary to popular opinion, less is not
always more.
Scarred for Life

Sure to brighten any Monday!