Thursday, May 21, 2009

little buddy

Over the weekend, Sir H came for an overnight visit. Although I get to work with him on a daily basis (he belongs to one of my bosses), it's been a while since he came to stay for a night.

He was dropped off to Twin, and this is how he greeted me when I finally arrived home after work. (Add in lots of yelping and howling to complete the picture.)

And after a nice rambling walk and some dinner, this is how he spent the rest of his time with us:

He knows that the rules are different here at our house, and that he is allowed to sleep on bed and couches if we invite him to join us.

And let me tell you, he takes full advantage of these relaxed rules. The second one of us gets into bed, he sits immediately next to you looking super cute, just asking for the a-ok to jump up and join you.

But be warned - he's a total space hog. Once you invite him up, he will try to take over the whole stinkin bed.

Here he not-so-subtly taking over Twin's bed.

But just try and say no. It's pretty much useless to resist.

And really, why would you want to?

dreaming dreams

The beautiful weather is back, and with it comes my lofty dreams of fabulous gardens & backyards. When the weather is warm, I basically want to be outside all the time - and what better spot to be than in one's own beautiful yard?

(image from Desire to Inspire, 03.21.09)

If you've been to my apartment, chances are I dragged you out to see our pitiful little backyard, which we literally carved out of a rediculously steep hill. Although private and off the street (amazing) it never gets sun, which makes growing things a little difficult.

I call it the place plants come to die, since all of the plant donations from Mom's gardens have withered away to nothing - no matter what I try. We even managed to kill a plant affectionately named "T's curse" - named for it's ability to spread and survive anything. Yeah, we're that good.

(image from Desire to Inspire, 03.21.09)

So I still dream of gardens and fabulous yards. I collect photos and take mental notes when I hear people talking about great plants. When driving, I scope out the different yards, and pay special attention to those that people actually spend time in.

(unlabeled photo from who knows where...)

And for now I choose to enjoy our little yard for what it is - a quirky little spot with cheerful lights and lots of citronella candles. Our mini bistro set cozies right up next to the back of the barn, and is a great place for eating and reading. Our grill (thanks Mom & Dad!) keeps us happy all summer long with a new place to experiment with recipes and that summertime taste that no oven can match.

(image from Small Space Style, 04.22.09)

But I probably should finish raking before I invite anyone over for a barbeque...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

monkeying around

So yesterday I saw this recipe online, and promptly started drooling.

I have a lovely friend from home (we'll call her P) who makes a similarly delicious version of monkey bread, and I could only think of her.

Well, that and how amazingly good this odd dish is.

Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Is it an entire foodgroup?

(Twin tried to tell me that because it has dough in it, it must have wheat, which is a whole grain, and therefore the entire thing must be good for us...isn't she tricky?)

Anyway...back to the story. After trying to wipe the drool off my desk, I promptly emailed the recipe to Twin, telling her something dramatic like, "We MUST make this ASAP."

I made it all of another 4-5 hours, and then halfway through dinner decided that asap meant immediately following dinner. (You would never know that I have incredible self control in other aspects of my life, based on how I talk about eating.)

A quick trip to Target was required, since I don't regularly keep biscuit dough in my house, but apparently Target does not regularly keep buscuit dough either, as they had none. (I decided to improvise and used cresent roll dough instead, which worked out just fine.)

After a very easy prep process and about 40 minutes of baking, the most heavenly of smells filled our house. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one drooling at that point.

It. was. devine.

And maybe, just maybe, I ate it again for breakfast.

(photos via the Pioneer Woman)

Monday, May 11, 2009

oh the good life...

Saturday was the culmination of a rediculously busy week, but unlike the rest of the week, I got to choose how to overschedule myself. (yay!)

The day started off some cuddling and playing with two of my favorite dogs (who Twin and I were staying with overnight) and who I clearly forgot to take pictures of. Oops. Shockingly enough, things like this happen before one's first cup of coffee.

Then it was off to breakfast at one of the best places in town with some of the best ladies I know. We successfully overwhelmed our waitress with how much food four girls can eat, and did lots of laughing. I was way to busy eating to take pictures, oops again. I'm not really sorry - the pancakes were totally worth it. :)

Then, Twin and I spent a lovely couple of hours chilling with another dog - the fabulous Ms. O. She's probably the biggest dog I know, but also one of the coolest.

We did a little walk around their very cool neighborhood, and then just sat in this amazing backyard and enjoyed the day. It was like being in a hidden oasis in the middle of the city, and I LOVED every second of it.

I did mostly this...

...while Twin played with the camera, taking some pretty shots of the gardens. These colors just make my heart sing!

Finally it was off to Harry Potter night - a girl's night extravaganza of food and fictional characters! Here's the whole group, all sugared up:

And our lovely hostess with the mostess (isn't she stylish?!)

And what HP night would be complete without a cake version of the Sorting Hat?! (Seriously, I have the MOST creative and talented friends...I dare you to challenge me on this.)

It was a perfect and crazy end to a busy week. I'm so blessed to have these ladies in my life!

Oh, and kindly ignore my out of control smile...I think this was taken immediately prior to cake consumption, and I might have been a little too excited...