Monday, May 11, 2009

oh the good life...

Saturday was the culmination of a rediculously busy week, but unlike the rest of the week, I got to choose how to overschedule myself. (yay!)

The day started off some cuddling and playing with two of my favorite dogs (who Twin and I were staying with overnight) and who I clearly forgot to take pictures of. Oops. Shockingly enough, things like this happen before one's first cup of coffee.

Then it was off to breakfast at one of the best places in town with some of the best ladies I know. We successfully overwhelmed our waitress with how much food four girls can eat, and did lots of laughing. I was way to busy eating to take pictures, oops again. I'm not really sorry - the pancakes were totally worth it. :)

Then, Twin and I spent a lovely couple of hours chilling with another dog - the fabulous Ms. O. She's probably the biggest dog I know, but also one of the coolest.

We did a little walk around their very cool neighborhood, and then just sat in this amazing backyard and enjoyed the day. It was like being in a hidden oasis in the middle of the city, and I LOVED every second of it.

I did mostly this...

...while Twin played with the camera, taking some pretty shots of the gardens. These colors just make my heart sing!

Finally it was off to Harry Potter night - a girl's night extravaganza of food and fictional characters! Here's the whole group, all sugared up:

And our lovely hostess with the mostess (isn't she stylish?!)

And what HP night would be complete without a cake version of the Sorting Hat?! (Seriously, I have the MOST creative and talented friends...I dare you to challenge me on this.)

It was a perfect and crazy end to a busy week. I'm so blessed to have these ladies in my life!

Oh, and kindly ignore my out of control smile...I think this was taken immediately prior to cake consumption, and I might have been a little too excited...

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  1. I miss you ladies so much! I am glad you had a great time! The cake looked delicious!