Friday, January 28, 2011


 Every once in a while, my heart misses
the farm.  Being outside, working hard with
family, all the animals...oh the animals.  I'm a 
total sucker for barn cats and cows. 
Especially of the baby variety.

Then I see posts like this one from the 
Pioneer Woman, and I completely melt over 
the sweet faces.  I remember how rough their big,
weird tongues are.  I think about nuzzling baby calves.  
And then I start the dangerous dreaming about one
day having land and critters and kids...  

And then (here comes the reality check), I 
remember how much I like living near the grocery 
store.  And having a house that has never had 
manure tracked through the rugs.  And buying shoes.  
And selling art while wearing my fun shoes. 

Alas, I think my bovine friends are best visited.
And, at least for now, I will be enjoying their 
sweet furry faces via the internet.  :)


  1. Ohh yeah, totally felt for the last couple paragraphs, but alas, Chris is using today's day off to go look for a giant barn critter of the bovine variety. Hellllo Manure-tracked rugs!
    You can come visit ours if you need a fix.

  2. haha, i'm sure it will be fun! will this be a milk or eating cow?