Wednesday, September 5, 2012

evidence free

Labor day weekend was pretty perfect:
full of friends & family, plenty of fun little
 adventures, and so long and luxurious!

But here's the deal...since our trusty
camera is a little sick, we have no pictures
to show for our fun.  Total bummer.  :( 

So instead, here's a recap in words...
just so we have some evidence: 

{ Birthday }
I felt so loved all day on Friday -
calls, texts, dinner & ice cream
 with the hubs - and it was great! 

{ Mini-Mountain }
We took on a local "peak"
on Saturday morning, and enjoyed
pushing ourselves up as quickly
as possible.  (yay cardio!) 

{ Campus & Coffee } 
Our cousin just started at my
alma mater, so we hung out there
on Saturday afternoon.  We also got
delish coffee & wandered through
a random car show that we
happened upon.  Fun!

{ Fair }
We continued our annual tradition
and went to the Hopkington Fair,
which was as good as ever...plenty
of yummy food & lots to see!

{ BBQ }
Sunday afternoon we hung
out with friends and acted like
it's still summer...yard games, lots
of food on the grill, and a bonfire!

{ Hike #2 }
Monday morning we went to
check out another local spot,
and enjoyed a lazy little hike.
No cardio, but still pretty!

{ Apple Picking }
Hubs was craving fresh apples,
so we stopped and picked some
crisp macs and jonamacs on
Monday afternoon.  Very fall!

{ Family }
We wrapped up the weekend
with a relaxed family dinner.  It was
fun visiting with the hubs' parents!

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