Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Since we had so much fun
together on our last camping trip,
we decided to do it again!
We snatched up the last 
available site next to the lake, 
set up our giant tent (thanks, 
parentals!), and settled in 
for a couple of nights.

It was nice to relax by the fire
 and enjoy just being together.
We listened to baseball on 
the radio, ate plenty of yummy
food, and chatted about life.
Oh, and nearly got to know a
skunk - which was quite exciting.

We even got crazy and went hiking.
It was a bit muggy for a hike,
and I was wearing flip flops (totally
not appropriate for climbing rocks), 
but it was a fun adventure with 
gorgeous views at the top. 
Totally worth it!

 The hubs gets all the credit 
for getting me to go camping and
making it all so much fun. 
Thanks, sweetie.  You're such
 a good sport, and I'm already 
looking forward to our next trip!

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