Saturday, June 16, 2012


On Thursday night, we celebrated 
the end of another school year 
with a little camping adventure. 
We booked a beautiful site at 
a nearby state park, and had a 
great time camping together
 for the first time!
With the exception of a thieving
raccoon, it was peaceful,
quiet, and relaxing.

As someone who has never been super 
big on tent camping, I have a silly 
confession...the food won me over.

The best was waking up and making
breakfast outside - greasy bacon and 
pancakes on a camp stove, and 
steaming french press coffee!  

It was nice to escape our normal
routine and just be outside together.
We spent most of our brief stay
beside the fire - sometimes 
chatting but mostly just sitting
 in comfortable silence. 

It was a perfect way to officially
welcome summer vacation.  :)

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