Tuesday, July 3, 2012

vt adventures

Last week I had client meetings
up in VT, and the hubs came along 
so we could make a fun day of it!

The day couldn't have been
more gorgeous for a drive, and
the windy back roads were a
great way to see all the scenery.

After finishing up the work
 portion of the day, we had 
lunch at a local brewery.  I had 
the best panini of my life - 
bacon, apple, cheddar & mustard 
- all grown & made in VT!

And my handsome goofball
took some awesome self 
portraits.  Why not, right?  :)

 We ended the day at
Quechee Gorge, which was
spectacular.  The wooded trail
down to the water was pretty, 
and we had tons of fun climbing 
around the rocks and playing
in the rushing cold water.

Hurray for summertime
& fun adventures together!


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