Monday, July 2, 2012

joys of summer living

{ Pool time }
The giant city pool behind 
our casa is open, so we're 
constantly hopping in & out.
 (I've pretty much given up on
putting our suits away...they just
 hang out on the porch ready
for the next little dip!)

{ Grilling }
Nearly every meal revolves
around the grill these days.
 The other night we even
grilled fish - amazing!
{Day Trips}
Since the hubs is on summer
vacation, we've been taking 
advantage of his flexible
 schedule to sneak extra 
time together.
Last week he came with 
me on two work trips, 
which gave us plenty of 
time for adventures!

{ Naps }
I'm usually a terrible napper,
but have recently enjoyed some 
quiet afternoon snoozes with 
my sweetie.  Bliss!

{ Ice cream }
We can walk to a local ice
cream shop, so have been using
that as an excuse to take long
meandering walks around
the neighborhood.

Added bonus: we met a sweet 
couple (and their pup) who 
live a couple streets away!

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  1. this is the sweetest picture of summer in new england. i miss it! let's catch up soon- i need to hear your fun summer tales!