Thursday, January 7, 2010

this & that...

For you, my friends, some random things I've been collecting and loving this week. They make me smile, and I figure it would just be selfish not to share!

Recently I found this adorable blog (via Cup of Jo) and think that both the premise and the drawings are so sweet! Artist Sophie Blackall illustrates ads from the Missed Connections section of Craigslist, where people try to connect with strangers who they shared a moment with on the street/in the elevator/ interesting!

Another delectable looking recipe I'm longing to try...and it looks so pretty!

Have you seen this very cool Coldplay video? The chalk drawings are amazing and I love the superhero version of Chris Martin! (I'm sure I'm behind on noticing this, but figured if you hadn't seen it yet, it's definitely good for a smile...)

Now I'm all about shoes, but these are just crazy on a whole different level! Check out this very cool blog with some pretty fabulous images. (Found via my lovely friend V)

Happy Thursday!

*top image via tumblr

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