Thursday, November 19, 2009

a happy addiction

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am an this television show.

On the whole, Twin and I don't really watch a ton of tv - we have many other things that keep us busy, and we only have basic cable so that we could get our internet at a cheaper price. (I'm still trying to figure out how that one makes any sense at all...)

However, we do follow a few shows religiously, albeit in a slightly strange way. Thanks to our two-year stint without tv in the apartment, we started the habit of buying entire seasons of shows on dvd. While this means we're always a season behind everyone else watching it the normal way, it also means that we can devour an entire season in a very short amount of time.

And thus enters the addiction.

We just finished watching Season Four (and no I won't tell you how quickly we powered through 22 episodes because quite frankly, it's a little embarrassing) which was great until the very end of the season...when they left us stunned with a pretty serious cliff hanger.

See these characters? They're the reason the show is so darn good. Yes, the plots of each episode are great, and yes, I think they do a good job with sets and costumes and all of that, but it's the character development that has me hooked.

Now for you people who are too good for tv addictions, or for those of you who haven't ever had to tell yourself that a character is indeed fictional, you should probably just stop reading before you completely judge me.

For anyone left reading (welcome to the loony bin) I have to tell you that I was so distressed about how they left us hanging that I actually dreamed about these characters after watching the season finale.

Yep, I am that lame. Maybe even a little pathetic.

(Alright, it's a lot pathetic...let's not rub it in.)

But that's okay, I recognize my addiction, and that's a healthy step, right?

So for anyone still reading and wondering why, here's a summary & some take away points from this long and rambling post:
1 - I love this show, and am perhaps a little too interested in completely fictional characters.
2 - If you do watch the show (in the normal, weekly way), please don't tell me anything about Season Five...because I'm pretty sure the anticipation of waiting an entire year is good for my addiction.
3 - And finally, if you don't watch this show and you like crime fighting duos with a great sense of humor, then you should probably join me in this addiction...I'll even lend you the dvds.

Happy today, everyone!


  1. ok I have to admit I share in your addiction,,,must be in the family genes. I must also confess I bought all the books by this author prior to the show even beginning. She has a new one out right now called 206 bones and it is only in hardcover and it is a BIG temptation. This is so much of a temptation that I printed the 50% off coupon from Borders........addictions

  2. I must say, my dear, I share an equally unhealthy obsession! I watch all the reruns (out of order though) on FX all the time! NCIS, Bones, and Criminal Minds are always on TV, so it seems I'm always watching some horrible story about serial killers. BUT. Bones = amazing.

  3. haha - welcome to the addiction club :)

  4. i have never seen this show at all.. (haha not even basic cable at this house) though now i am intrigued and may have to take you up on the offer and borrow the dvds lol