Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Road Again

I've been traveling for work these last two days, logging probably around 300 miles in two directions for two very different clients.

I'm a little tired.

But totally blessed.

I was anticipating being pretty much done with one client due to some economic issues and a weird internal communication gap in their company, but found myself very much back in the game when I arrived. After six hours of unexpected meetings, tours, and art installation (only about 5 1/2 more hours than I anticipated) I was one very tired and very happy girl. Lots of work to be done!

Then I got to have a visit with one of my favorite people on the face of the planet - the lovely sister!

She waited patiently for the endless meeting to wrap up so that we could eat yummy pizza together and catch up on our busy lives. It was so worth it.

I wish more of my clients would move to her backyard so that I could visit her more often!

Then yesterday, after a rushed stop at the gallery, I hit the road again. This time, off to my major client of the moment in Lowell.

I'm starting to feel as though I could make that drive with my eyes closed. Which of course I won't do. But you get my drift, I think.

After some last minute art installations, I met up with one of my bosses and her significant other to do some touristy stuff. It was bizarre to wander aimlessly around this town which I have spent so much time rushing through for work. Definitely fun though.

We went to the Boot Cotton Mill - which is a lovely exhibit in a stunning old mill building. It gave a great depiction of how the space would have looked (and sounded!) during the days of cotton weaving. Worth visiting if you like history.

Finally, at the end of the day I attended the giant opening reception for my client's beautiful building. What a great party for a great company.

They have been a fabulous client, and it was really fun to see them get all the credit for a job well done on a massive project.

Plenty of schmoozing and mingling - which I'm definitely getting better at. I think it helps that this was my project and my people, rather than just a project I helped with. Maybe I'll get the hang of this job after all?

It warmed my heart to see the people touring the building take time to look at and appreciate all of the art in the space. After months of living and breathing this project, it was quite fulfilling to see others enjoy it.

And best of all was the look of pure bliss on every executive and employee face as every guest was blown away with how well everything looked and functioned. A job well done all around.

As for me, I'm just looking forward to being in the office today long enough to get some work done. I can only imagine what's waiting on my desk and in my inbox...

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