Monday, February 11, 2013

our snow day (according to instagram)

To put it mildly, it was a snowy weekend.

This is how our yard & street looked 
when we woke up on Saturday...
and it was still snowing!

Before venturing out, we fortified ourselves
with plenty of coffee, bacon & baked
french toast.  Amaaazing!

We spent a long time outside just digging
the cars out...once we located them!

 Then because we're crazy, we went 
for a walk around our neighborhood.  
It was fun to see everyone outside,
but oh man - it was so windy.
(exhibit a: my hat!)

Since our hilly little street was still covered, 
we tried to buy sleds, but sadly Walgreens 
didn't have any.  Their snowbanks were 
impressive though - taller than me!

And then the perfect end to a snowy day:
whoopie pies!  Since we did all that shoveling,
it seemed like we had earned it.  :)

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