Friday, July 27, 2012

almost there...

In a few short hours, 
my week of vacation 
officially starts.

(It does start with a work 
related event, which seems 
a little counter-intuitive, but the
 beach is involved and I get
 to take the hubs along, 
so I'm going with it.)

Although the week before
 vacation is always extra crazy,
 this one has been a marathon.

Poor hubs broke his nose on 
Monday night playing basketball,
so we've been seeing plenty of 
doctors and trying to give his
body a chance to rest. 

God is amazing though, 
and things have worked out 
in incredible ways.  My sweetie
will be totally fine, and I've had
amazing peace & strength to
juggle the craziness at home 
with busyness at work.

But, I've got to tell you...
this girl is ready for a vacation.
See you in about a week!  :)

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