Monday, June 4, 2012

feeling crafty

My handsome hubs is a middle school 
teacher, and while I get to hear about
 his academic adventures, the extent of my 
participation is typically to listen and 
enthusiastically encourage.
 So you can only imagine how thrilled
I was last week when I got an email asking 
for creative help with a fun little project!   
(and yes, we do email each other that weird?)
The project:
Create fun invitations for students
with the highest grades this year.
My solution:
This free download, cardstock,
some envelopes we had hanging 
around & about an hour of time 
to print, trim & glue. 

It was quick & easy, and my only 
challenge was to adapt the envelopes to 
the template, since they were slightly
different shapes.  (I kept trimming 
until they worked!)

I think the result is pretty fun, and
wouldn't you feel special getting one of 
these in the mail from your teachers?

*PS - check out the free download...
there are a ton of great invites!
(But please pretend you've never 
seen it before if you happen to get 
an invitation from me like this!)


  1. cute! you always find the cutest free downloads :)

    1. thanks, love! great to see you yesterday!!