Tuesday, May 1, 2012

weekend to remember

We spent last weekend up in Portland, Maine - 
and the only pictures we have to show from
 a great time away are these silly photos 
we took in a cute kitchen store.  
As dorky as it sounds, our new favorite
 game is to walk into any sort of specialty 
store and find the least practical, most goofy
 piece of merchandise in the place. 
Pretty awesome, right?
(Yes, that is a moose pot holder)

We were actually in town for an event 
called Weekend to Remember - a marriage 
conference that came highly recommended to us 
by many couples we love and admire.

It was great.  The speakers were top notch,
and they covered practical topics like fighting fair,
 communication, and sex.  Everything was super
organized, and we even had homework projects
 to do together.  (and a scheduled date night!)

We both came away reminded that a great 
marriage takes intentional work, and grateful
for a chance to do that work together!

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