Wednesday, March 21, 2012

morning joy

These are the days when I don't mind having a
different work that allows me to 
linger on the couch and take joy in the little
pleasures of a perfect spring morning.

Lately our apartment has been flooded with 
bright morning sunshine and what sounds like the 
noisy banter of every bird in the neighborhood.  
It's impossible to be anything but cheerful 
listening to their chirps & trills!

Even though there is still a bit of crispness 
to the fresh morning air, I can't resist letting it in.  
I've been throwing every window and door open, 
then cozying up in a soft alpaca blanket and 
drinking giant mugs of steaming coffee to 
keep from getting goosebumps.

This morning I deviated from my usual blog 
reads, and slowly poured through the new issue 
of  Maine Magazine. (gorgeous, as usual.) 
And as I unfolded myself from the couch to
refill my coffee and make toast, I realized again 
just how good my little morning time is! 

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