Friday, March 9, 2012

last week at this time...

...we were in paradise!

I know it's a bit strange to start with pictures
from the end of a trip, but this morning I
realized that it was just 7 days ago that we
were playing on Half Moon Cay - the most
beautiful little island I've ever seen.

We got to ride horses along the beach and
then through the waves - totally amazing!

(Pardon the terrible second photo - it's a 
sneaky snapshot of the official cruise photo 
that we refused to shell out 20 bucks for.)

There were some comfy hammocks 
in the shade, so we relaxed and had fun
soaking up all the beauty around us. 

After floating around in the water and
walking along the perfectly white sand,
my handsome guy took a little nap...

...but I was too excited and worked hard
on perfecting my white girl tan instead. 
(aka: the lobster look) 

 We were sad to say goodbye
at the end of the day, but feel so
blessed to have spent a perfectly
blissful day playing in paradise.


  1. looks AMAZING, amanda. gosh, what a dream vacation!

    1. It was! We were overwhelmed all week by how blessed we were to have such a wonderful time away together :)