Thursday, March 15, 2012

ah, the good life

The first port on our cruise was Grand Turk,
and it was an amazing introduction to the
picture perfect Caribbean beaches & waters.

Although there are no photos to prove it, we 
went power snorkeling - which was a really cool 
way to explore the beauty that's hidden underwater.

As with most ports, there were a lot of little 
shops right off the instead of shopping
like normal tourists, we took silly pictures. 

(That shop is called the Dizzy Donkey because
there are wild donkeys that roam the island.)

There was a tiki bar right on the edge of the beach,
so we tried their local beer and sat in the shade 
soaking up all the incredible beauty around us.

See what I mean about beauty?  That impossibly 
turquoise water completely blew me away!

   The hubs had fun wading in the clear water,
and said he could see tiny fish all around his feet!

(Isn't it crazy that such a huge ship is 
docked so close to the shore??)

And finally, a picture on the pier before getting back on
the ship.  As you can see, we were loving all the sunshine 
and had perma-grins the entire day!  What a cool 
blessing to get to see this part of the world!


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    1. it's easy to take good ones of such a beautiful part of the world!!! :)