Monday, December 12, 2011

warm & fuzzy

 Have you seen this sweet post?  These two 
kiddos enthusiastically send their Dad off 
every morning with lots of kisses and hugs 
- and it's adorable.  (Watch the video 
to totally melt your heart.)

Did you ever do happy things like this?
I vividly remember standing on my tiptoes
(on the heater!) so that I could see out 
the window in the living room and wave
goodbye to my Daddy every morning. 

I felt so loved knowing that he cherished
our crazy antics in the front window,
and got so excited when he would honk
the truck horn and wave back at us.   It was 
a happy tradition in our house for years, 
and even now I still wave and blow kisses
to my family when they drive away after
a visit.  Old habits die hard.  :)

*found via Cup of Jo

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I remember doing this! That was SO exciting when he'd honk the horn or make a funny face in the window!

    This just made my morning :)