Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ever notice how sneaky the enemy is when
it comes to stealing our joy and peace?

Over the last few days I've been slowly getting
more and more overwhelmed with work and 
the busyness of life.  It happens gradually...with
just a few things here and there until suddenly
it all adds up to complete stress and panic.

  This morning as I sat on the couch in tears,
my amazing hubs encouraged me to spend some
time clinging to God's promises - which was
precisely what I needed to hear.  And when
I flipped open to Isaiah 40 and 41, I found
precisely what I needed to read. 

It's refreshing to hand over my worries 
to the Creator, and so energizing to put my hope
in his power.  When I do, I realize just how
inadequate my power is, and how much
better life is when I'm letting the Spirit lead.

If you're running low on your own strength,
or trying to do things without the peace
and joy of the Spirit, take a few minutes
to read these incredible promises.  
It's sure made the difference in my day.

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