Thursday, August 11, 2011

happy things

 1. Gorgeous day.
It's one of those clear, sunshiney
summer days that slyly hints of
the crisp fall to come.  Glorious!

2. Breakfast chats.
I got to start off my day by hanging
out with one of my lovelies.  I adore
our time together, and always come away
encouraged by her heart & friendship.

3. The hubs.
Doing life with my best friend is so 
fun.  We've been enjoying our summer
evenings with lots of grilling, walking, 
swimming...and ice cream, of course!

4. Cake stand cuteness.
us the most adorable cake stand as
a wedding present...and I'm so
excited to go home and frost a cake
tonight just so I can use it!

5. Worship music.
Thanks to the magic of Pandora, 
I've been enjoying a great mix of tunes 
at my desk.  On stressful or super 
busy days, it makes all the difference
in my perspective and attitude!

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