Monday, June 27, 2011

current fave

 We got our wedding pictures back a couple
of weeks ago, and while I haven't had time to
properly pay attention to them (make fancy 
albums or any of that fun stuff), I do periodically 
just scroll through them so I can ooh and aah 
over how fabulous our photographer made us look.
 (That's not too vain, right?)

I keep coming back to this image, and just can't seem
to get enough of it.  Maybe it's because I adored my 
shoes so much (which would be legit since they
were so stinkin' fabulous), but I think it probably has
more to do with how much I loved grasping 
my handsome man's hand during our ceremony.  

Being physically connected was probably the 
thing that kept me the most calm during those 
moments when what we were doing felt most solemn 
& serious. And I imagine it will be one of the the 
things that keeps me calm for years to come.

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