Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a tuesday happy list

Hi friends!  In honor of Tuesday, I'd like
to share a few small things that are 
making me smile today...

  1.  Sunshine.
I saw some today.  It was brief, 
but altogether beautiful.

2.  Eating well.  
They say you do a lot of eating
when you're newly married and happy,
and guess what - the mysterious "they" are 
right again.  Whether it's summer food on the 
grill, or this sinful yumminess last night, we're 
sure having fun cooking and eating together!

3.  Inspiration.
I'm gradually starting to read blogs
again.  Between not having internet access
at home and having other things to focus on, 
I've been so happy to disconnect for a
while.  But it's been a pleasure to start 
reintroducing some familiar voices.
(Like his, hers, hers, and hers.)

4.  High heels.
I sprained my ankle badly a few weeks
before the wedding, and have been
babying the darn thing for over two months
now.  I'm pleased to finally be prancing
around in style - and all of my babies are
glad to finally be out of the closet!

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