Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's official, friends...
I've joined the Mrs. Club!

We had a wonderful wedding, 
and enjoyed every second of being 
away together in sunny Key Largo.  
(Vacationing with the handsome
man was incredible!)

I feel like the whole time was 
really magical (cheesy, I know!) 
and am still soaking up everything
happy about being a newlywed. 

Posting will likely be sporadic 
for a while as we're having way 
too much fun getting used to
being married peoples and
finally living together.  I promise
more pictures soon once 
I get my act together! 


  1. congrats Marc and Amanda!!! I LOVE your dress. and I can't wait to hear more (via this blog, in person, or whatever--I'll take the info however I can get it ;) I'm glad to hear all went well and I know you will have an amazing, fulfilling, and God-honoring marriage!!

  2. oh and PS- where are the yellow shoes I picked out?! ;)

  3. um, love you two and MISS you big time. so glad you had a great honeymoon, but serious, my inbox is starving for your sweet daily notes! ;)

  4. I'm so happy for you guys!!