Thursday, April 14, 2011

what i like about you

 Periodically throughout the wedding planning 
process, I try to step back and stop focusing 
on the logistics and million little details that 
easily take over my brain. Doing this helps me 
continue to find joy, be grateful, and focus
on how excited I am to just get married!  
This morning I spent a few minutes 
looking through fun photos of things 
we've done together, which led me to 
compose this list of some favorite 
things about my handsome guy:

1.  He takes a mean self portrait.
I occasionally scroll through my camera 
and find entire self portrait sessions that 
I had no idea he had taken.  It never 
ceases to make me smile! 

2.  Pit stops.
I love how when we're together, he 
encourages us to take little detours 
and just enjoy the day and each other.  
I'm looking forward to many 
more happy adventures!

3.  We look pretty darn good together.
Don't you think?  
(Thanks to sister for this picture!)

4.  His many bromances.
I love his goofy and completely disarming 
approach to friendships, and how 
often I get to see God working through
lots of silliness and laughing.

5.  He loves me so practically.
I'm consistently blown away by how
he selflessly loves on me. He's goes out
of his way to do sweet things for me and 
makes dinner or folds laundry when 
I'm exhausted.  I'm so blessed!

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