Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a tuesday list.

 A little happy list for this Tuesday!
 Mostly because my brain can't seem
to focus on anything for very long,
but don't tell anyone...
1.  We're officially into hours now.
This morning I figured out that we were
almost precisely 100 hours away 
from the wedding.  How fun is that!?

2.  I need to stop going to Target.
Yesterday I stopped in to pick up a few
little things, and walked away with a 
cute bathing suit & dress.  Ooops.
(I keep justifying that it's for the 
honeymoon, but still...yikes!)

3. I have incredible friends.
Yesterday this blog post popped into
my inbox.  (And made me cry....in a 
good way.)  I love this wonderful
girl so dearly, and am proud to 
call her my friend!
4.  Hey look...my wedding shoes!
I was browsing blogs today and stumbled 
on my wedding shoes.  Mine are a different 
color, but it still made my day!

5.  My sister is awesome.
Not only has she done our photos 
and invites (plus host a cool bridal shower 
for me), now she's helping me finish 
lots of last minute design & 
printing.  Amazing!

6.  This skirt wants to be in my closet.
Oh Etsy, you are such a trouble maker...

I hope that you find a few happy
things in your Tuesday too!


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