Wednesday, December 1, 2010

an old favorite

I was feeling a little grumpy and out of sorts 
this morning, and decided to try listening

My reasoning - either it could really
make me happy (it's finally December
and we're really getting into the season!)
or it could annoy me to no end and give
me a reason to keep being grumpy.
(sometimes it's just satisfying to find 
reasons to keep being annoyed, right?)

Luckily for everyone I have to see today,
 it had the first effect, and I found myself relaxing 
into the familiar voices and melodies of this
old favorite. My family has listened to  
this Christmas album since it first came out 
on tape, and it's like hearing an old friend 
when I put it on for the first time each year.

Welcome back, Christmas.  
I'm happy to see you!


  1. oh, i totally woke up the same way. it's the kind of morning that i'm fretting about EVERYTHING and none of it even matters today! haha- i'm going to try your trick right now (hopefully, for the sake of my coworkers, it works!).

  2. I love that album. =)