Friday, August 20, 2010

happy things list

1. This puppy.
I saw him on sister's blog
yesterday, and my heart
melted on the spot.

I am total mush right now,
just looking at his sweet face.

2. Motorcycle wedding picture.
Seriously, how lovely and awesome.
I think a bike could be the coolest
getaway vehicle ever.

More of their excellent pictures here.

3. Fabulous horse pictures.
I can't get enough equine images
lately, and am really longing for
some riding time.

Anyone know someone that
wants to let this little farm girl
get some horse time?

4. This awesome music video.
I was really digging Sugarland's newest
song when I heard it on the radio,
and just about died laughing
when I finally saw the video.

Plus I am getting SO excited
to see them in concert next month!

5. He comes home tomorrow.
Enough said.
I can hardly wait!

Happy Friday, friends.

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