Wednesday, July 7, 2010

unrealistic expectations

Love this article about what goes into
Photoshopping a swimsuit model.
(Go read the whole thing for
the breakdown of what they did.)

Girls, doesn't it seem crazy to think
that we're supposed to look
better than this model?
She's incredible!

*via here


  1. omg, how insane! She was so freakin skinny to begin with!! After having a baby, I'm especially appreciative of this reminder that what we see every day in ads, commercials, magazines, etc isn't REAL life!

  2. i agree!!!!

    although, for the record, you look amazing post baby :)

  3. LOL. I was just showing this post to my mom and noticed your comment. THANK you friend! You're sweet! (for the 2nd time today). ;)