Wednesday, March 10, 2010

totally random.

Another list of completely unconnected happy things...because it's how my brain is working this morning. (I think the sunshine has gone to my head!)

* Re-discovering music. Thanks to Twin, this morning I'm loving this album again. (oh catalyst, you can't come soon enough...)
* Inspiring visitors. The lovely Ab has been hosting the most incredible group of people for the last few days. It's been a true pleasure to hear them speak and get to spend time with them.
* Gorgeous photos.
These photos just make me feel calm and beautiful every time I look at them. (and the dresses...sigh)
* Sister love. Lots of emails and connects with sissy this past week. It makes me blissfully happy to be involved in the silly stuff. (like choosing pretty dresses!)
* Incredible bathrooms. Ever since seeing this post, I desperately want a gorgeous tub and a light, airy bathroom like one of these. (just go drool over the pictures, it's worth it)
* Gym time. After a few weeks off, I'm back to the gym with one of my favorite girls. Between the girl time first thing in the morning and all those endorphins (name that movie) it's the best start to the day I could ask for.
*Being daddy's little girl. Yesterday I had the best chat with my Daddy - and it makes me so grateful to be able to both love and enjoy my family. (only a few weeks before I get to see them again!)
* Soundtracks. In a moment of weakness last week, I ordered this - and I'm so glad I did! It makes my heart so happy every time I listen to it.

Hope you have some happy things happening in your life this week!

*image via tumblr

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