Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last night, Twin and I tried out a new recipe - Garlic Cheese Bread - which from the name alone I'm sure you can imagine we will be cooking again. And again. And again.

Cheesy and delicious...and so bad for me that I actually relished eating the salad we had with it!

Last weekend, I met and fell in love with a cousin of sorts to the Garlic Cheese Bread - Olive Cheese Bread. Salty and cheesy and oh so yummy.

Thanks, PW, for more easy recipes which make cooking and eating so much fun!

(Note - once you make and consume these, you should go immediately to the gym. I am not recommending them for their nutritious value!)

*inspiration & images via The Pioneer Woman


  1. Everyone goes on and on about PW...I'm going to have to check her out now.

  2. So worth it - but be warned, you might gain weight just from looking at the pictures and dreaming about how good all those calories taste :)