Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today is the day...Twin and I are decorating the apartment for Christmas!

I am so excited to play carols, drink hot cocoa, put up our tiny little tree
(which is the cutest little thing!) and string up the pretty white lights.

Hurray for the Christmas season and for fun traditions!

But before we completely go into Christmas mode, tonight we're getting together with a few friends and having another Thanksgiving feast!

The great thing about most of the holiday traditions is that they are centered around family, but a few of us decided that we would like to also have a friends version of the big family feast this year.
(not that one will be wearing maternity pants or making bizarre 'British' desserts...)

I can't wait to see what everyone brings
(a peek into other family's traditions!) and to spend time just hanging out with some of my favorites.

Hope your Saturday is lovely - I'm off to make hot cocoa and dig out the ornaments!

*images via tumblr & googleimages

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