Friday, December 4, 2009

hello, friday

We're almost through the week, but today I'm going to really have to work for my weekend...

I'll be spending most of the day at a client's, finishing up a big project that we've been working on for months now. I can't wait to see their faces when we're finished, and hope that we don't encounter any weird issues or setbacks. (we've dealt with quite enough of those on this project already, thankyouverymuch)

Once we finish up there, my boss and I will dash back to the gallery just in time to help set up and host an artist's reception for the evening. (With a quick stop at home to change from practical work clothes to glam gallery girl clothes, of course) It should be a great party, and since a bunch of my friends are planning to come, I'm sure it'll be fun!

After the reception, we'll all go find dinner together in town and enjoy Midnight Merriment - a festive kickoff to the holiday season, complete with hayrides, caroling, christmas sales, and an enchanted forest. The perfect end to this long week!

And then?

I'm going home to crash and sleep in...because I don't have to work or be anywhere Saturday morning!

*I don't remember where I found this image, but just love it. Doesn't she look blissfully calm and centered? It makes me want to love running more...


  1. sounds fun! Sorry I'm too wiped to make it to the reception...I hope it goes really well. Enjoy midnight merriment, that sounds fun too. yay for sleeping in, that's my favorite :)

  2. Marathon working girl! It's fitting that this cute picture features such cute sneakers :)