Friday, December 18, 2009

friday randomness

Friday is finally here!

Thankfully Sir H. will be here tonight for a sleep over, so if we wanted to recreate this picture we could...

It's been a busy & great week, and I can't wait for even more goodness & happiness this weekend. Among other good things, my family will be in town and I can hardly wait to see them and start the Christmas celebrating!

I feel compelled to share these fabulous group pictures from our leadership Christmas party. Aren't they fun and delightfully Christmasy?

And doesn't it blow your mind that this group of crazies runs a church?! (A very cool church for that matter!)

So last night I went here to see this - and it was so fun! Lots of great music and amazing dancing. Plus a few great costumes that involved lots of feathers...

But no dancing for me this morning - plenty to do in the house before the family arrives. (Maybe even some more present wrapping!?)

Happy Friday, everyone!

*images via a glamorous little side project, miss ab & googleimages

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