Friday, October 23, 2009

princess sparkle...

Recently my boss and I were talking about how little girls consistently wear all of their favorite clothes and accessories - no matter if they all match or if it's occasion appropriate.

She, and a number of her girlfriends, have decided that it would be fun to have a
princess sparkle party where they do exactly that - wear all of their favorite pretty party things despite what matches and doesn't. I suggested that they give out tiaras as party favors so that they could all really sparkle. I mean really, what girl doesn't want a tiara?

Shortly after that discussion, I happened upon this photos. Needless to say, I thought they fell into the
princess sparkle category quite nicely!

When I first look at the brooches and intensely shiny little stones, my thoughts immediately flit to all of those rings, long necklaces, clip on earrings and pins that my grammies used to let us play with when we were little girls. Back in the floozie days, when didn't know why all of the aunts and uncles laughed at us when we were okay with being called floozies!

I remember how we loved to claim our favorite glamorous party dresses and then pile on the accessories - no matter if they all matched. In our minds, if they were pretty and we liked them, on they went. And then how proudly we paraded around, showing off our beauty!

Ladies, when you look at these photos
(especially the shoes - be still my beating heart!!) doesn't a little part of you want to flaunt your sparkle again?

Don't you want to layer on all of the rhinestones and parade in front of whatever audience you have, just to hear them ooooh and aahhh over the fabulous ensemble you've created?

Perhaps I'll just settle for an incredible new pair of shoes.

Like these gold beauties...definitely work appropriate, right?

*as always, images & inspiration via Garance Dore


  1. LOVE those gold shoes and I love her gold toenail polish. SEXY!

  2. when are we throwing our princess party??