Saturday, August 1, 2009

frame it...

Hello my name is Amanda, and I have a problem with picture frames.

Empty ones, if you must know.

When it comes to framing art, I'm actually pretty conservative with framing - I prefer a clean, elegant frame that doesn't detract from the art inside. (Ask anyone who has heard me go on a rant about bad framing - I feel pretty strongly about this...)

This doesn't mean that I dislike fancy, over-the-top frames. Oh no. Used in other ways, such as in this clever grouping above, I think the more interesting the frame, the more interesting the space.

I found this image via Desire to Inspire a long time ago, and have been longing to try it for myself. Don't you admire people who come up with things that are slightly quirky like this? I think they give a house so much character, and say a lot about that person's ability to think outside the box.

Then there is this fabulous wedding photo booth, found via Kiss the Groom which is all about empty picture frames! I love the idea of having a photo booth for wedding guests, and have been devouring any images that I find of how others have done this well. This might be my current favorite, mainly because everyone seems to be having so much fun!

(Let's hope husband, wherever he is, will be on board with this idea when I find him...)

I found this great portrait via Cup of Jo quite a while ago, and was impressed at this creative and simple idea! It seems like it suits these two just perfectly.

(I also like this as an example of how pretty an old frame can look when painted - so fresh!)

And while this crazy idea is indeed a clever use of frames, I don't think I'll be trying it soon! It seems like a disaster waiting to happen, knowing my lack of fine motor skills and coordination...

(Found via The Mogg Blogg and Apartment Therapy.)

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