Wednesday, July 29, 2009

eye candy

I first saw Stephen Knollenberg's design work back in May, when Desire to Inspire featured part of his portfolio on their site.

I fell hard for nearly every photo.

I'm loving his balance of light and dark, his gorgeous use of dark woods, and how fabulous every set of stairs in his portfolio looks.

Each of these spaces has a spareness that is beautifully striking, and yet a comfortable quality that feels inviting. None of these spaces are over-staged or accessorized, or so barren and modern that they feel unlivable.

And really, wouldn't you like to soak in that tub?

Check out these stairs below, leading to that piano. I could sit there and play all day long.

And the steamer trunk, just hanging out there, under that fabulous.

Go peek at the rest of his portfolio - it's worth it.

I'll be here, trying to figure out where in my apartment I could fit a bed like the one above...

*all images via Stephen Knollenberg, first spotted at Desire to Inspire

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