Wednesday, September 26, 2012

dear pinterest

Dear Pinterest,
We need to talk about all
of these enticing animal photos...

These whiskers make me want 
to fill my pockets with carrots and
 go love on a horse.  I can almost
 feel the warm breath and velvety
 nose snuffling my palm.

And this smile.  Ah, dog joy!
It makes me so tempted to break
all the rules and go adopt a pup.
But I'm not ready for a dog, ok? 

Then there's this sheep.
Just look at him...leaning against
that post with his soulful eyes.

I don't even remotely want a sheep, 
but this fuzzy face has me daydreaming 
about idyllic pastures and fuzzy faces.

Oh no.  A snugly pooch that perfectly
matches the bed.  Now that's just stooping
to a new level.  A cuddle buddy that will 
look adorable next to all my stuff!

And finally, this baby giraffe.

The combo of those eyelashes
and that chin fuzz slays me.  But I
think it's his serious (skeptical?)
expression that really melts me.

Not fair.  How's a girl
supposed to fight cuteness
like that?  Not fair.


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