Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wisdom & humility

I can't pull myself away from this 
verse lately.  I have written it down
at least a dozen times, have it posted 
on my desk at work, and am totally
stuck here.  (in a good way...)
I've always trusted that God is generous 
and quick to share wisdom with us (after all,
 He promised) - but I haven't ever really 
equated wisdom with humility before.  
And I definitely haven't stopped to ponder 
what that means...because if we're being
 painfully honest, I don't know that my daily life 
always reflects wisdom or humility.  
I am sure of one thing though - this list of 
godly qualities seems like a good place to start. 
 If I can be intentional in these, I'm confident
 that the Holy Spirit will work out the rest. 

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