Saturday, January 28, 2012

why i do my job

I know that to most people, working at 
an art gallery is one of those mysterious jobs
that only people in movies do...but to me, 
working in a gallery is as real as it gets. 

It's not always glamorous like you might
assume (I can assure you that I do my fair
share of mundane tasks and don't drink
nearly as much wine as everyone seems
to assume), but I love my job.

That being said - I'm human. Sometimes 
I get tired and grumpy, and it's hard to
remember how good I've got it. Thankfully,
God is faithful to give me happy little
reminders of why I do my job.

Yesterday, an adorable little family came
in to look around, and were quite shy
about how they were "just looking."  
(which is embarrassed code for
"I can't afford this stuff.") 

These are my favorite kind of visitors,
because I believe that everyone should
enjoy and own some art that makes
them happy.  Everyone.

We spent about half an hour looking
around together and talking.  The chatty
little girl - decked head to toe in many
shades of pink - was amazing, offering
opinions and comparisons and plenty of
enthusiasm.  By the end of their visit,
they were all relaxed and smiling -
and planning a return visit soon.

But best of all, was the excited parting
comment of my new friend in pink:
"That was REALLY fun!!!!"

I agree. :)

*my favorite painting

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