Saturday, January 14, 2012

saturday happiness list

1.  Extra weekend.
Today is the start of a 3-day
weekend for us, and I'm looking
forward to some fun friends events
and some much needed rest with
the hubs.  Busy week = tired girl!

I love love.  Yes, I know that this 
entire site is a marketing tool, but
it's pretty wonderful.  The photos are
beautiful, the stories are sweet, and 
the whole thing makes me smile.
I'm not really a big pop culture girl, 
but easily spent an hour looking through 
these snarky posts and laughing my 
head off.  Perfect weekend reading. :)
 4.  The Design*Sponge book.
Sister gave me this most exciting of
Christmas presents, and I've been
enjoying flipping through the beautiful
pictures and fun ideas.  Thanks again!

Oh. my. word.  I have spent tons
of time pouring over her luscious
pictures and drool-worthy recipes.
(and half of them are pinned here...)
Makes me want to spend the 
next year in the kitchen!

Wishing you a very happy weekend,
whatever goodies it holds!


  1. suri's burn book is one of my faves . . . it's absolutely hysterical.

  2. i was laughing so hard telling mark about one of the entries that i dumped hot tomato sauce ALL over myself the other night. i'm not sure who was laughing harder :)

  3. oh no!!!!!!!!! i don't think johnny understood WHY a blog written from the vantage point of a spoiled celebrity toddler critiquing other celebrity kids was so funny.

  4. darn you for making me waste time on these hilarious, adorable, saliva worthy blogs. lol. Just stopping by b/c it's been a while!! :)