Friday, December 30, 2011

wedding bliss

On Christmas Eve morning, 

The ceremony was lovely - full of tender
love, sweet gazes, a few laughs - and all bathed
in bright morning sunshine.  Perfection!

The pretty handmade background made for
fun group & couple pictures.  (totally dorky
but fun...admit it, you've done it too!)

The reception was cozy - like going to a happy 
family gathering.  And while the food was amazing 
(best french toast of my life), their cake took 
the prize for most fun food at this party.  
Who doesn't love pancakes!?

Happy marriage, my friends!  We're so happy 
for you, and can't wait to see what 
wonderful things married life holds for you!


  1. amanda, mark looks so distinguished in that pose!!!

  2. Ab, I don't think anyone looking at this post is looking at Mark...not with such a beautiful bride beaming in every picture! ;)

  3. I spy a few items from your wedding! Looks like a beautiful wedding.