Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving...times two!

Sorry for being so absent this last week, friends.  
Work has gotten wonderfully busy, and my head has been
jammed full of spaces and inspiration for my clients. 

(Just ask the hubs - if I get quiet lately, he knows that
I've probably started walking through plans in my head 
and am mentally writing up proposals or brainstorming 
solutions for some tricky space or needy client.)

 But no work can compare to the excitement of this 
weekend, as we will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow
up in Maine with my family, and then we get to have a
second Thanksgiving on Friday with hubs' family!
Yippie for double the family fun :)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've been loving these 
sweet gratitude posts (I & II), and want to encourage 
you to take a few minutes and list some of the 
things you're grateful for this year.  We live such
blessed lives, and have so much to say thanks for.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, 
joy, gratitude and lots of pie!  

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