Wednesday, October 19, 2011

these boots...

I've been hunting around for a perfect pair of
camel/cognac colored leather boots, but am finding
that my champagne tastes are severely conflicting
with my beer budget.  I know lots of girls are
able to spend hundreds of dollars on boots, but
this girl just can't cough up that kind of dough 
these days.  I found some cheapos at Target,
but can't seem to get over the plastic-y looking
heel.  Payless had a cute pair too, but they
were too dark of a brown.  Have any of you
bargain hunters seen anything fabulous
(and affordable) out there? 


  1. I just ordered a pair of boots and they should be coming in on Friday - soooo excited! I use because $40 is right in my price range. You can always join for one month, get boots you like and then cancel if you don't want to be a full member (I am a full member because let's face it, between shoes and bags I'm obsessed.)

    Good luck in your hunt!

  2. I've had these dexter boots for a few years and I love them. Really comfy! They're extremely plain, but I might dress them up with a strap and buckle if I feel creative!

  3. T - of course I should have thought to ask you! My fellow shoe connoisseur :)

    A - hurray for comfy! thanks!