Wednesday, March 2, 2011

jane eyre

 So maybe I'm totally behind, but there's a new 
Jane Eyre movie coming out this month?!

Thanks to my momma, I have been reading 
and loving this wonderful classic for years, so 
I find myself in that funny spot of being 
simultaneously thrilled for the potential of a 
fabulous new version, and terrified of a 
horrible new version.  Anyone else there too?  


  1. Haha! you are just like my twin sister, Rachel. She quotes Jane Eyre ALL THE TIME-- it's her favorite book. I think I have seen every version of the movie, the A&E with Samantha Morton is our fave. I know Rache is looking forward to this one. She too is apprehensive.

  2. I'm ashamed to say I never read Jane Eyre...I started reading it in college which isn't the best time when you are saddled with reading much more boring material, sometimes till all hours of the night, and staying up till 2 am studying (meaning talking, laughing, sometimes dancing with a tiny bit of studying crammed somewhere in there)...I need to try again!!

  3. Tiff, I'll happily lend you one of my copies! It's wonderful :)

  4. I might take you up on that! I know I have to finish the 3 books I'm reading right now...totally ADD with reading these days!!