Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a little list

 1.  Today is one of those rare snowy days that
I'm actually at peace with the white stuff.
I love how everything is coated with a layer
of white, and how it's not frigid outside!

2.  The hunt is on for wedding shoes.  
And I'm a woman obsessed. I have 
my first dress fitting scheduled, so the 
pressure is on to find and commit.  (eeek)

3.    This is hysterical.  I guarantee you that every
woman has experienced this.  Men, you have
no idea how easy you have it.
 4.   This makes my heart melt. After being out 
of the loop for a week, it's been a joy to 
catch up on their happiness & this new life.

Hope you find something that brings
you a little joy somewhere along
the way today, my friends.

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