Friday, December 10, 2010

a happy list!

Things making me smile today:

1 - Beautiful and ridiculously generous
anniversary gifts from the handsome man.
I am so loved and spoiled.

2 - Warm tea and these warm words on
such a cold day.  (Warning - you might 
want a tissue handy if you read this.)

3 - It's finally Friday.  Need I say more?

4 - Loads of fun plans for the weekend:
the parentals & sister are coming,
wedding dress shopping with bridesmaids,
plus a giant Christmas feast with family!

5 - I'm still full from our Inbetweenus feast
last night.  Kudos to our little group who
cooked an entire turkey dinner and kept us
laughing all evening long.

Hope you find some happy things along
the way today too!

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