Thursday, September 16, 2010

fun mail

 This arrived in the mail yesterday!

Since it's for the wedding,
I didn't open it by myself yet, 
but am SO excited to break
into it tonight when I see my man!

We have some really fun ideas
about how to use this baby,
and I can't wait for the big day
when we'll be using it!

Only 218 days...
not that I'm counting!


  1. i am dyyyyyyyyyyyying for one. absolutely dying. can't wait to see the magic that occurs with yours!

  2. manders!
    i did this as my guest book. had a friend go around and snap pics of all the guests and hand out sharpies and they all wrote a little message on the bottom, so not only do have a fun little greeting from everyone there, BUT i got to see a ton of FUN pictures. Some people took the opportunity to be very great.
    We then hung a piece of twine and got little clothes pins so everyone could 'admire' the pics at the wedding, before we took them down to put in a book.

    SUCH a fun concept, no matter how you use it. and there's just something about Polaroids...classic.