Saturday, March 6, 2010

got a minute?

I've been spending a good amount of time this past week following the Compassion International Bloggers trip to Kenya.

Have you heard about it?

Here's the basic jist:

Compassion takes a group of bloggers to a part of the world where childrens' lives are being touched and transformed through the sponsorship and love of folks around the world. These bloggers get the chance to meet the beautiful people, see the reality of their situation, and then use their blogs as a way to tell us here about what we can do.

Since I follow his blog regularly, I've been following Ryan over at This is Reverb most closely. His photos will blow you away - and maybe make you cry.

There are lots of other wonderful people on the trip too, so if you have a minute today, check out the list of who's on the trip, and read some of their stories too. I promise you, it'll be worth the time.

*images via This is Reverb

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